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Expansion of our homes can be and typically are major undertakings.  When we look at the square space of our homes we start to determine if it is more cost effective to add addition rooms near Edmond, OK or to simply upsize by selling what you currently have and purchasing something else.

Temp or forever home

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The first question you need to ask yourself is if the place you are living in now is a temporary location or will it be your forever home?  If it is a temporary home, then putting that much money into the property may not be a wise investment.  However, if you can get a greater return on your investment, then it might be something to consider.

However, if it is your forever home, then putting the money into the property may be a wise investment.  When we have our forever homes, we are planning on staying there till we die, and will want to do everything that we can to make it our dream home.

Floorplan and design

To start with, you want to develop a floorplan and an overall design to your home.  You want to take every idea, every dream that you have had and put it down on paper.  When we do this, we have a huge project that we will never be able to complete, however we are able to visualize everything that would be possible and start eliminating components that aren’t as important and prioritizing those that are.

Pick your top ten

When doing a remodel or an addition to your home, you want to pick your top ten must haves.  These are the components that you will invest the most money into as well as put the effort into having placed into the property.  From here the rest of your design will stem from allowing you to create the room or home of your dreams.